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Maybe you need a little help with a particular question on how these wonderful personal confusers work. Or maybe you can suggest something that may help somebody else. This board is open and you do not have to register to post.

This is the place where you can post things that really bug you. This form requires you to register with a nickname and E-Mail address. You will be E-Mailed immediately with your password for posting. You may come back at any time and change your information or password. You can view the messages and then if you want to reply just click on the Required text under the postings or click here. Be gentle.
Here is a spot for school issues, anywhere from teachers to buildings. Maybe you can find some homework help or give some. Have fun!
Well, in this area is sports and I know it might get a little out of town but that's ok. E-Mail me if you would like to be moderator so we can keep the information correct.
Issues that deal with Jackson, the good and the bad. I know this might get into a little bit of politics and if I don't receive any complaints the board will be left opened and unregistered.


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